Www.Lamudi.Pk You may have seen online shopping websites before but what about buying or selling property online specially when its becoming more and more investment business. The good thing about these online websites is that you can directly contact the seller and no third party is involved in all deals which means you can buy any thing on reasonable price. On the other hand seller can also take advantage of this opportunity and sell any thing more than the market price.


Lamudi.PKis an upcoming real estate company in Pakistan with offices in over 20 countries. You can Buy, Sell and Rent property online in Pakistan here and that too free of cost. There are many benefits if you go via this way like you can invest your money in any property scheme all across Pakistan which was not easy for you before. Also you don’t have to give any commission to property dealer or any third party person because there is no one involve in all your deals.

You can easily search the required property via Lamudi.PK search page or join them on Facebookand enter your desired details. It will search all the related properties according to your search criteria and show you the results. You can choose between multiple high property listings and contact the seller via Phone or E-Mail address.

Now introducing Android and Apple iOS Apps

As more and more people are moving towards smartphones and tablets that’s why the team of Lamudi.PK launched Android and Apple iOS apps for its users. Now you can easily buy or sell any property online via your smartphone of tablet from any where in the world.

Download Lamudi Apple iOS app

Download Lamudi Android app

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