Short Questions And Answers Of Pakistan Studies In Urdu

short questions and answers of pakistan studies in urdu Assalam-o-Alaikum
56.When was the intrest-free banking system introduced in the country?
Ans.On 1st January,1981,an intrest-free banking system was introduced in the country.According to this system ,the account holder was made a partner with the bak in its profit or loss by sharing it according to his investments in the bank.
57.Under what circumstances did General Zia-ul-Haq took control of power on 5th July 1977.
Ans. The elections held in the country were not fair.The people started the Nizam-e-Mustafa Movement.The Government held discussion but no results were obtained.As a result,the army on 5th July 1977 took control of the power.
58.Give the location of Pakistan.
Ans. Pakistan is geographically located between 23.45 to 36.45 North Latitude and about 61 to 75.5 East longitude in South Asia .The country is sorrounded by Bharat in East,Afghanistan in the North West,Iran in the West and the Arabian Sea in the South.
59.How much is the area of Pakistan?
Ans. The total area of Pakistan is 796096 square kilometers.
60.What does the word “Doab” mean?
Ans.The land or space between two rivers is known as “Doab”.
61.Give a brief account of the seasons in Pakistan?
Ans.There are four seasons in Pakistan:
(i) Summer-From May till September
(ii) Winter-From November till February
(iii) Spring-The season of March and April
(iv) Autumn-September and October
62.Write down the names of some important departments of Government of Pakistan.
Ans.The important departments of Government of Pakistan are as follows:
(i) Foreign Office
(ii) Defence Department
(iii) Interior Ministry
(iv) Finance Department
(v) Education Department
(vi) Health Department
(vii) Communication Department
63.How does the Government controll the affairs of F.A.T.A (Federally Administered Tribal Areas)?
Ans.The Federal Government through its appointed agent keeps in touch with the leaders of Tribal Areas and Controls the system of these areas.The shol are comes under the control of jirgah.This is a council comprising of the religions and experienced people of these tribes.
64.What do you mean by Culture?
Ans.Culture is the history of the society and reflects its social past.Culture means behaviour peculiar to its human beings.Culture consists of languages,literature,ideas,beliefs,customs,habits, codes,dress,diet,art,moral,institution,laws,etc.
65.From which areas did civilized life begin?
Ans.Human civilization started from those areas where water,air and other geographics conditions were in much condition for life.Therefore,fertile valley of rivers include Dajla Dafrat(iraq) ,valley of Nite (Egypt) and Indus valley (Pakistan).The evolution of population started from these areas and civilised life began.
66.The land of Pakistan is famous of which civilizations?
Ans.The lanf of Pakistan is proud to have the birth of the historical civilization of the valley of Indus.This civilization was at its peak about four or five thousand years ago.
67.Which land do you mean by Indus Valley?
Ans.Indus Valley means those areas which are situated near the River Indus and its neighbouring Rivers.Its present name is Pakistan.
68.What do you mean by Gandhara Art?
Ans.The areas of Punjab and N.W.F.P which at present situated near Rawalpindi and Peshawar were in the old days given the name of Gandhara Civilization.About two and half thousand years ago,this civilization was at its peak whose art and culture especially art of painting and stone carving are famous.
69.Write down the names of certain important buildings of Muslim Era.
Ans.(i) The fort of Agra
(ii) Taj Mahal,Agra
(iii) Shahi Qila,Delhi
(iv) The tomb of Jehangir,Lahore
(v) Badshahi Masjid ,Lahore
(vi) Masjid Wazir Khan ,Lahore
(vii) Jamia Masjid,Thatta
70.What do you mean by imperialist system?
Ans.The Britishers brought an imperialist system.The Imperialist system means that local cultural and social agencies should be so bound by a political structure that they loose their identification.
71.When did the Muslims invade South Asia?
Ans.Muslims invaded South Asia in 712 A.D.When Mohammad bin Qasim defeated the army of Raja Dahir and established an Islamic Welfare State.
72.Which artist did Humayun brought back from Iran?
Ans.Humayun brought back to artist Mir Syed Ali Tabrezi and Khawaja Abdul Samad from Iran.
73.Which type of painting flourished during the era of Jehangir?
Ans.Jehangir had great intrest in the art of painting.He claimed that he can identify a painter by seeing his paintings in this era,this art was at its peak beautiful pictures of flowers ,paints,animals,birds and natural scenes were made.The pictures of war fighting are magnifitient examples of realistic art.
74.Who was the first musician of the Muslim era?
Ans. Amir Khusro was the first musician of the Muslim era.He invented many rags in music.
75.What did the extremist Hundu Movements wanted to do against the Muslims?
Ans.Hindu extremist Movement such as Shoodhi,Shungthan and Arya Samaj wanted to convert Muslims to Hindus and wanted diminish the separate identity and culture of the Muslims so that the Muslims could leave India.
76.What message did the Allama Iqbal gave to the Muslims of the sub-continent?
Ans.Allama Iqbal gave the message to the Muslims of India that they should develop the feeling of Islamic brotherhood and Jihad so that they could become independent.
77.What did Quiad-e-Azam said about the objective for the creation for Pakistan?
Ans.Quaid-e-Azam described the main objective of the creation of Pakistan in the following words:
“We have not demanded Pakistan only to get a piece of land,but our aim was to get a laboratory where we could practise the principles of Islam.”
78.Pakistani culture is a mixed culture.Comment.
Ans.Pakistani culture is a mixed culture .There is still some impact of foreign traditions in our society.We have adopted Western music and their style of living.Although majority of the people are Muslims ther is a mixed culture of Hindus,Britishers and Muslims.
79.The basis of Pakistani culture is on Islam.Comment.
Ans.Pakistan was established so that the Muslims could lead their lives according to the teachings and principles of Islam.Pakistani culture is predominantly an Islamic culture.Pakistan inspite of the differences of religion,language and customs commonly follow the religion of Islam.
80.What are the Pakistani arts?
Ans.Pakistani arts include the following:
(i) Stone Carving
(ii) Carpet Making
(iii) Embriodery
81.How many languages are spoken in Pakistan?
Ans.In Pakistan,about 30 small and big languages are spoken.These include Urdu,Sindhi,Pushto,Punjabi,Baluchi,Kashmiri and Brahvi.
82.What were the different names of Urdu in its different periods?
Ans.In the beginning Urdu was given the name Hindavi,Hindi and Hindustani.Later on,it was given the name Urdu-e-Moalla and Rekhta.And now it is given the name Urdu.
83.When did Pushto language begin?
Ans.Pushto is a language of N.W.F.P .The people speaking these languages are called Pukhtoon or pushtoon.This language started about 5000 years in Afghanistan.Bakhtar or Bakht.Due to this it was given the name Bakhto which later became Pukhto or Pushto.
84.Whom began Sindhi language in Arabic script?
Ans.Abul-Hasan Sindhi began Sindhi language in Arabic script.
85.Which things are distinct in Punjabi literature?
Ans.Folk tales are very popular in Punjabi literature.The poets gave these tales into poetic forms.These tales incude romances like Hir Raanjha,Sassi Panhu and Sohni Mahiwal.
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