Lolz Meaning In Urdu

lolz meaning in urdu Assalam-o-Alaikum
Aksar Hum Chatting Main Kisi Ko Ya Koi Hum Ko Kisi Baat Par (lolz) Kehdeta Hain Is Kay Meaning Kia Hotay Mujhe Ajj Tak Nahi Pata Ajj Koi Bataday.
in chatting lol means = Laugh(ing) Out Loud
and otherwise.
LOL stands for
Lots Of Love, Land O’ Lakes, Lots Of Laughs, Lots Of Luck, etc…
aur bhi buhat hain is tarah se.
I hope problem solve ho gai aap ki.
louging on lourd
Urdu Main Kia Meaning Howay Shaniroy
رور سے ھنسنا
zor se hansna
Problem Solved Thread Closed!
problem solved
Close it…
Problem Solved Thread Closed!
plz close this thread
hahahahaha mujhy bhi nahin pata thaa chalo aaj pata chal geya itdunya zinda baad”
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