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AAB88(20th December 2011)
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B.Com I Accounting 2010
NOTE:Attempt any FIVE questions in all.
Given:Unadjusted trail balance of PEARL and Co. on June 30, 2006 is as under.
Cash Rs. 3,00,000, Accounts Receivable Rs. 5,00,000, Prepaid Advertising Rs. 60,000, Office Supplies Rs. 10,000, Office Equipment Rs. 4,00,000, Capital Rs. 10,00,000, Drawing Rs. 5,00,000, Consulting Fee Rs. 5,000, Salaries Expense Rs. 51,000, Rent Expense Rs. 70,000, Insurance Expense Rs. 20,000, Repair Expense Rs. 10,000.
Data for Adjustment on June 30, 2009
i. Supplies on hand Rs. 5,000
ii. Unexpired rent Rs. 20,000
iii. Salaries payable Rs. 10,000
iv. Consulting fee still unearned Rs. 15,000
v. Office Equipment have life of 10 years with no salvage value. Use straight line method to calculate depreciation.
vi. Advertising Expense Rs. 35,000.
Required:Prepare a Ten-Column Work Sheet.
Q.2. Closing Entries Income Statement Balance Sheet
Take data given in Question No. 1 and prepare Income Statement, Balance Sheet and closing entries on June 30, 2009.
Given:Lever Brother uses a Periodic Inventory System and the monthly transaction for November 2009.
Nov 01, Inventory 1000 units @ Rs. 50 each.
Nov 10, Purchases for cash 1600 units @ Rs. 60 each.
Nov 15, Sale for cash 1500 units @ Rs. 100 each.
Nov 20, Purchases on account 900 units @ Rs. 80 each.
Nov 26, Sales on account 2000 units @ Rs. 120 each.
Required:Determine the cost of ending inventory and the cost of good sold separately by FIFO, LIFO and Average Method.
Given:A’s Trading Company estimates uncollectable account at 10% of year end balance of account receivable in Dec 31, 2008 the A/R (Control) had a Debit balance of Rs. 75,000/- and the allowance for doubtful accounts showed a credit balance of Rs. 2,500/- but the customer account in the subsidiary ledger showed a credit balance of Rs. Rs. 4,800/-. However, on Jan 05, 2009, the company sold merchandise at invoice price of Rs. 20,000/-, to the customer who had paid Rs. 4,800/- in advance. Collected on Receivable Rs. 2,15,000/-, this is the cash received after discount deductions of Rs. 4,400/-. During the year, total A/R written off Rs. 15,000/- and the previously written off A/R recovered in the amount of Rs. 6,500/- at Dec, 2009.
Required:Prepare General Entries, Adjusting and Closing Entries with T-account of A/R and Allowance for Bad Debts.
(A) Given:On Jan 05, 2007 POGO and Company paid Rs. 18,000 for extra ordinary repair of an equipment costing Rs. 1,00,000 and having accumulated depreciation of Rs. 45,000. This equipment was estimated life of 4 years from the date of repair and salvage value of Rs. 9,000. On June 22, 2008 the equipment was sold for Rs. 36,000 cash. POGO and Company follows calender year as its accounting period.
i. Prepare General Journal entry to record extra-ordinary repair.
ii. Determine depreciation per year after extra-ordinary repairs by straight line method.
iii. Prepare partial balance sheet Dec 31, 2007.
(B) Given:
The Prime and Company has the data from its Cash Book Rs. 41,603 and Bank Statement Rs. 38,400 on Dec 31, 2010.
i. Deposit in Transit Rs. 3,200.
ii. Cheque wrongly charged to the Company’s account by the Bank Rs. 4,800.
iii. Bank Services Charges not recorded in Cash Book Rs. 320.
iv. Shahid Sons Cheque was returned by bank as dishonored Rs. 960.
v. A cheque was issued to Javed for payment of Rs. 821 but was erroneously recorded by company as Rs. 504.
vi. The Loan granted and credited by the bank was not recorded in the company bank Rs. 8,000.
vii. Outstanding cheque were in the amount of Rs. 4,800.
(a) Prepare a Bank Reconciliation Statement for Prime and Company on Dec 31, 2010.
(b) Prepare necessary adjusting entries.
Asghar and Zaheer are partner with Capital balances of Rs. 99,000 and Rs. 54,000 respectively. They shares profit and losses in the ratio of 3:2.
Required: Prepare the journal entries to record the admission of Razi under following cases.
i. Razi paid to Zaheer Rs. 30,000 for a 1/2 of Zaheer’s interest on admission.
ii. Razi invest sufficient cash to acquire 1/4 interest in the capital of new partnership.
iii. Razi invest Rs. 67,000 for a 1/5 interest in the capital. Goodwill not to be recorded.
iv. Razi invest Rs. 39,000 for a 1/4 interest in the capital. Use Goodwill method.
Azam, Akram and Anwer were partner in a firm with a profit and losses ratio of 2 : 2 : 1. On June 30, 2003 they decided to liquidate the firm before liquidation the balance sheet of the firm was as under.
As on June 30, 2003 Assets…………………………………………………………. Equities
Cash ……………… Rs. 40,000 | Note Payable ……………….. Rs. 7,500
Other Assets ….. Rs. 1,10,000 | A/C Payable ……………….. Rs. 30,000
………………………………….. | Azam’s Capital ……………… Rs. 5,000
………………………………….. | Akram’s Capital …………….. Rs. 5,000
………………………………….. | Anwer’s Capital …………….. Rs. 2,500
………………………. 15,000……………………………………. 15,000
(a) On April 01, 2003 Mr. Inam has the balances of cash and at Bank Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 50,000 respectively. He completed the following transaction during the month.
Apr 02, Purchased furniture for cash Rs. 7,000.
Apr 03, Cash sales Rs. 5,000 of which Rs. 2,000 was deposited into bank.
Apr 08, Purchased merchandise worth Rs. 9,000. Give Rs. 4,000 cash and the balance by cheque.
Apr 09, Bought office supplies cash Rs. 1,000.
Apr 11, Sold Merchandise worth Rs. 4,000.
Apr 13, Paid to supplied by cheque Rs. 6,000 in full settlement of his account Rs. 6,200.
Apr 16, Deposited cash into bank Rs. 9,000.
Apr 19, Advice received from bank that a customer had deposited Rs. 4,000 direct into the bank.
Apr 21, Withdrew from bank 1,500 for personal use.
Apr 22, Received cash Rs. 6,585 from Mr. Solangi in full settlement of Rs. 6,700.
Apr 23, Paid salaries Rs. 8,000 cash.
Apr 26, Paid rent for the month by cheque Rs. 4,000.
a. Record the above transaction in three-column cash book.
b. Balance the cash book on April 30, 2010.
c. Set up sales discount account No. 4003 and purchase discount account No. 5003 in T form and post discount amounts in respective accounts.
(B) The following are the selected transactions of Seema Stores.
Jan 01, Sold goods to Mr. Bilal Rs. 19,000 on account.
Jan 05, Sold merchandise on account to Rs. Babar Rs. 15,000.
Jan 08, Sol old furniture to Mr. Taha for Rs. 5,000 on Account.
Jan 11, Merchandise was returned by Mr. Bilal worth Rs. 1,000.
Jan 15 Sold merchandise to Rasheeda Stores Rs. 18,000 on account.
Jan 18, Sold merchandise to Mr. Babar Rs. 5,000 on account.
Jan 22, Goods returned by Mr. Babar worth Rs. 500.
Jan 27, Sold goods on account to Rasheeda Stores Rs. 21,000.
Jan 29, Sold an old computer to Madoona Stores Rs. 5,000.
a. Record the above transactions in (a) Sales Journal Page No. 56 (b) Sales Returns and Allowance Journal Page No. 29.
b. Total both the special journals on January 31, 2010 and pass the entry on January 31, 2010.
c. Set up Accounts Receivable Control Account, Sales Account and Sales Returns and Allowances Account in the general ledger.
d. Set up account for each customer in the Accounts Receivable Subsidiary Ledger in self-balancing form.
AAB88(28th December 2011)
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